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Oh how quickly it sinks in and makes you forget the vision casted before you. It deafens your ears and blinds your eyes so you can't see or hear what you once heard and saw with certainty. It feeds your fears and starves your calling. Discouragement says quit trying and take a break, relax it will all get better on its own. It will ask you for a refund and the price will be your faith. When you give into it you'll become dispirited and downhearted, you will doubt the very man who laid down His life so you could live.

Discouragement tries to sneak in when others do not hear what you heard on the mountain. You came down ready to bring deliverance and were confronted with a golden calf of failure. Discouragement will try to sneak in when others don't find value in what you value most. It will tell you that you are just another person with a gift trying to make it and you'll never see come to pass what God revealed to you.

I've had my share of discouragements and when I gave into them, it was as if time was moving and my purpose was stuck in place. I wasted time because I allowed someone else’s words to become truth. I allowed my failed attempts at a leap of faith to bind me to the ground. The words people say over you only become powerful when you empower them. The sayings "I'm paper and your glue whatever you say sticks on to you" and "sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me" aren't true. Most of the time we act like the glue and allow the words of others to not only stick to us but to also break us. We become broken monuments stuck in place.

There was a shepherd named David who killed a giant with a small stone. David's father had sent him to bring food for his brothers who were part of the army. David, was not qualified to fight, he was only a shepherd. On that particularly day he was only meant to be the delivery boy. Yet, something rose in Him and he knew he could defeat the giant. His brother called him prideful and the king told him he was too young. They were ready to see him die on the battlefield, but that day God already had planned to give him the victory.

I believe today is the day God wants to deliver you from your discouragement and see you through destroying your giant. Shake the dust off your feet. Start moving, dreaming and living again. Those who are closest to you may not see your full potential yet, but that's ok God is growing you and teaching you. Do not try to wear armor bigger than you can handle only because others suggest it. Be the person God called YOU to be and do not compromise that for the opinions of man. Rise up today and return to your purpose. Discouragement is bound in Jesus name. Love,


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