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Closed Womb | Open Heart

My womb does not define me. When I get to heaven I don't think the first thing God is going to ask is "how many kids do you have"? And so, I do not want my only concern in life to be about having a baby. I want badly to become a mother, but I do not want that to be the only thing that drives me. Struggling with fertility is one of the hardest things to deal with. You can see the best doctors, time things perfectly and still not conceive. If you let it, being barren will consume you. Not only will your womb be closed but your heart will too. You will compare others pregnancy "success" to your "failure" and become consumed by bitterness. Jealousy and depression will try to sneak their way into your heart. They will knock on your door and ask to keep you company. If your reading this and this is you, I want you to know that... 1. Your fertility struggle does not make you less special. 2. You are not alone. Do not feel isolated. 3. Do not be ashamed to share your story, others may need to hear it. 4. If someone is making you uncomfortable let them know. You don't have to share your story if your not ready to. 5. Hold your head up high your still a woman. 6. Your going to get through this, your stronger than you think you are. 7. GOD HAS NOT STOPPED LISTENING TO YOUR PRAYERS. There's no way you will make it through without prayer. 8. Shake that bitterness off. Things become easier when you accept your situation and face it head on. You will never move forward when your focused on others. 9. Do not let this become something that comes between you and your spouse. Find positive ways to release your stress. 10. Serving at your local church can help you build strong relationships that will help you through this season. Just because your womb is closed does not mean your heart has to be as well. Pour out your heart onto God. He will sustain you. Love Always, Zuleika

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