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The Gardener

In the beginning when God saw all of His creation was good, he turned to Adam and Eve and said, "be fruitful and multiply". He asked them to produce more good out of the good he had already made. The command was to not only increase greatly, but to also produce good results. The creator expected both multiplication and productivity. They were his fruit; he had sown them and expected more seeds to form out of them. You also have the same command from the garden, to be fruitful and multiply. I want to challenge you today to become productive. When I say productive I am not simply referring to a biological production. I am referring to a spiritual production, it is the ability to multiply the good that has been given to you and sow the seed of faith in the hearts of man.

Did you know a fruit is called a fruit because it has seeds? There are three things you can do with the seed from a fruit. 1. Toss the seed 2. Eat the seed and 3. Replant the seed. If we are all God's fruits (His production), we all carry seeds. Our seeds are simply waiting for good soil and good water. They are waiting to be planted and fed. Yet, some have never been fruitful, because they have tossed the seed to the side. It was not something they cared to maintain or entertain. Others have eaten the seed. They accepted the good news as a story but not as truth. And so, the word never became active because it did not satisfy their worldly desires and pursuits. Thirdly, you can plant the seed. If you plant the seed you will always have more fruit. If you always have fruit, you will always have more seeds. The more seeds you plant the more fruit you’ll get.

We have been commanded to be Fruitful and multiply and therefore we must sow the seed. Whether it may fall on stony ground or thorns we must keep on sowing till we find good ground. When the word of God lands on good soil it will sprout, grow and produce a crop. Keep sowing till the whole world hears.

When Jesus is your gardener, you will always be fruitful and never be seedless.



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