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If God Did It Before He Will Do It Again

So many times in our lives we go through certain experiences where God has already completed His great work, but life and the enemy will try to use anything to discredit what God has already done. I am so glad that God dropped a few jewels in His word to help us maintain our faith like Isaiah 40:29 which reads “He gives power to the weak and to those who have no might He increases strength”. In Mark 9:23 Jesus says “If you can believe all things are possible, to him who believes.”

My journey started at 6 months old when the doctors diagnosed a sickness, which consisted of fluid in my brain which would result for my head to keep growing abnormally. It would have caused so much pressure in my brain that soon enough it would have erupted causing me not to live to see my first birthday. The only option my parents had was brain surgery which would have left me with a lot of side effects. I was going to be paralyzed and wouldn't be able to speak or see correctly. I wouldn't be alert to the things that surround me.

During this time my mother served the Lord, but my father did not. He suffered a very heavy depression which caused him to leave his job. My father tried to come up with a plan by reading the Bible trying to prove to my mother that the God she served didn’t really exist, but when God has a plan God will use anything and anyone to make His plan come to pass. Little did my father know he was actually feeding his soul.

Operation day came and out of the blue the doctor decided to measure my head one last time before starting the surgery. When suddenly his eyes opened in amazement when he realized my head had reduced. More doctors and nurses rushed in and right before their eyes my head went back to normal. The x-ray results showed there were no traces of fluid or signs of anything wrong. My mother having the faith she had knew it was only God. All she could do was praise the Lord. We left the doctors office and never looked back. During that time, my father who didn’t believe remembered he had made a promise to God, which was if God healed me he would serve Him. The promise came to pass. My father is a minster of the word.

Now fast forwarding to years later. This past January, I suddenly started getting headaches more than usual, but I thought it was maybe tension or stress etc., but I noticed they were becoming stronger to the point were I couldn’t bend over, sneeze, cough, sleep or get up too fast. I would get a rushing pain and pressure in my head. I took a trip to the urgent care and was directed immediately to the ER because I began to have an abnormal reaction. They did blood work, a cat scan and gave me all types of medicine. The doctor finally stated that I may have had a small vein leaking blood or have something they call a pseudo tumor. Pseudo tumor is having all the symptoms of a tumor except not actually having one. There was also a possibility that my brain was swollen. As a human I couldn’t help but be a little scared since I had already had an experience with my head as a child. I had to do a follow up with the neurologist days later after my ER visit . I remember before the appointment being home alone and I suddenly softly started to sing “Our God is greater” and prayed for myself. At that moment the presence of God started to take over me. I got up, got ready and left to the appointment. After more testing the neurologist gave me the good news, I was completely healed!! He couldn’t find anything and he couldn’t explain what happened, how I got it or where everything came from, but it was all gone!! MY GOD DID IT AGAIN!! That’s exactly why I stated at the beginning of this blog that if I had to title this journey it would be if “GOD DID IT BEFORE HE WOULD DO IT AGAIN". My dear ladies never give up on faith nor prayer because God is getting ready to start pouring an overflow of miracles over your lives! Just keep pushing!

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