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God is Faithful

Looking back at God’s goodness, His mercies, His love and His faithfulness, I realize that if it wasn’t for Him, I am unsure what would have been of our marriage!

I’m a happily married woman with four beautiful children which the Lord has entrusted us with. This April 2018, we are celebrating 20 years of marriage!! My husband and I met when we were still teenagers. We only dated for 3 months before marrying and I still remember many people thought our marriage was not going to last. But God had other plans for us.

My husband and I met at church. Shortly after we started dating he stopped attending church. At that moment, I said to myself this is not going to work. I still remember calling him that day after church service and telling him, “I want to break up with you, you don’t serve God.” He insisted that I give him a chance, so I did.

At my 17 years of age I was serving as a children’s church teacher, a backup singer in the worship team, and in the youth choir. I knew that I couldn’t continue because of what I had done. I was a church girl all my life, in need of love and attention. Instead of seeking God for it, I sought it in my husband (my boyfriend at the time). I fell in love and gave myself to him before marriage. From that day forward is when I realized I had made a big mistake and I had to go to my parents to let them know I had sinned against the Lord and disobeyed them. My father was so upset that the next day he kicked me out the house for my wrong doing. I remember that Monday waiting at the porch of my parents house with all my belongings waiting for my husband to pick me up. My mother and siblings sat and cried with me as we waited because I had to leave home.

On Thursday of that week, we went to the courthouse with family and friends and got married. I was finishing my senior year in high school and my husband was working at the time.  We planned to have children shortly after we were married, so two months later we were pregnant with our first born. Throughout the entire pregnancy I had contractions and was at risk of miscarriage due to the many problems we were having in our marriage, and because of that our son was born at eight months. Many times during the week my husband would go out drinking with his friends and family, get home past midnight, and he would only go to work one or two days out of the week. We didn’t have much to eat at times. I would have to ask my parents for money to pay bills and buy food. I would just cry and pray. I didn’t go to anyone but God. I prayed and said, “Lord I can’t do this”. In the midst of all our problems we continued having children. We now have two handsome sons and two beautiful daughters.

Everything changed when one day I looked in my refrigerator and didn’t have anything to eat. A sister-in-Christ told the church that day they were heading to a place where they were giving out food for the needy. I assisted, and the first thing they would do is take you in a room pray for you and counsel you before giving you groceries. When I was in that office the counselor prayed for my marriage and declared a word over my life and said, “You and your husband will serve in the marriage ministry and help many with your testimony”. At first I started crying and said, “Our marriage is in pieces how is that possible?” Then I said, “I believe”! I held on to that Word that was spoken over our lives for many years.

Eventually, I stopped going to church and turned to alcohol and cigarettes to fill the emptiness I had inside. Instead of praying I would nag to my husband telling him you need to change your ways or else. I tried fighting my battles on my own. I wasn’t happy anymore. I would cry most of the day which then led into a deep depression and no one knew, because on the outside I would smile to everyone.

Finally, the day came and I was fed up. I started praying and declaring, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” I had declared it in the past many times, but this time I was screaming it out loud on my knees banging on my living room floor! I started on a spiritual battle standing in the gap for my marriage and children. Still remember telling the devil... “NO MORE DEVIL, MY MARRIAGE AND FAMILY BELONGS TO THE LORD TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF OF THEM IN JESUS’ NAME, WE BELONG TO MY HEAVENLY FATHER.”

By then, I was attending our church serving in the children’s church ministry. I would go to church with my four children alone. I would cry on my way to church every time, because I wanted my husband to join us. He would only go when there was a church function. I begged him to attend church with me one of those days because it was revival night. That night the word was spoken to him though the Pastor that was preaching. He was  prophesying, saying that God was going to use my husband to speak to many! That was in October of 2014.

From that day forward he never stopped attending church. In January 2015, we started the year as the Marriage Leaders in our church. God has used my husband  in a great and mighty way, ministering to many couples. When he ministers, God speaks to everyone listening. I have seen him grow spiritually. He is a great man God that loves me and our children and is an amazing provider. Our four children serve in the ministry as well. All honor and Glory to our Heavenly Father!! Truly Blessed!!

As I write this with tears in my eyes I tell you women of God don’t give up. God is faithful to his promises! Don’t stop praying!! Keep believing!!

Psalm 23 Philippians 4:13


Susy Garcia

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