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Cancel the Wedding

Looking back at this heartbreak and tears, I can finally say all over again “Cancel the Wedding.” There’s no such pain as a young girl in love who has finally thought that she has met her soulmate and was planning her dream wedding. I was ready to say “I do” but 6 months before the wedding I began to PRAY. There is nothing more powerful than a woman who prays believing that God is working behind the scenes. Can I tell you something Ironic? I was praying, but I was still planning my wedding.

I realized something was wrong and I needed God to reveal and save me from this mistake. I’ve waited patiently for so long and many years to just get married to the wrong one? I remember I closed myself in my room for a week seeking God and praying, I said, “ God if he isn’t the one please do not allow me to walk down the Altar to say I Do.” I praised and thanked God in advanced for what He was going to do in my life.

I remember on June, 1, 2016, I spoke to my “SoulMate” and said “ cancel the wedding, God has a better plan for me.” He instantly questioned me why such behavior and requested to move the wedding to a later date if I needed more time. I replied “ Theres is something behind the scenes that is coming out to light and thank God He is always on time.”

Later that week, he disappeared from my life and I found out he had a 6mo old son and married a month after I cancelled my wedding. Yes I screamed and I cried, but most importantly, I worshiped God and thanked Him for saving me. Today, I can tell you that God healed me and restored all the broken pieces of my heart. For the glory and honor of God, I am working as a youth leader and bible school teacher in the Congregation “ Iglesia Pentecostal Sanando los Quebrantados de Corazon,” in Lawrence, Massachusetts . God has opened doors and today I'm able to preach the gospel to many lives and pronounce that He lives and still restores.

God has impacted many young lives. There’s nothing more beautiful than being able to see what God can do and how he fulfills His promises. Today, at 25 years old, I am praying every day that I become a fearful woman of God. I am preparing myself to one day be a blessing for the one that God has saved for me. Single and patiently waiting, but today I tell each and every one of you “ God always gives his best to those who leave the choice with Him.” Psalms 37:7.

Never settle for Basic things in life when God has Extraordinary Blessings for your Life!

Much Love,

Ileannette Navarro Torres

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