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Generational Breakthrough

Have you ever loved someone so much that they mattered more to you than anyone else? Did you think the love they had for you was so pure and genuine? I found myself in this exact situation my whole life. See, I mostly grew up with my grandmother. Not because my mother was absent, but because she was a single mother working for her kids. So, I grew this attachment for my grandmother and I felt as if she was my mother and showed me the love and attention I needed. She made our relationship so special. She would always say I was her favorite and that no matter what happened, she would always be there and have my back. My grandmother projected such a real love in my eyes. She showed me how to cook, clean, wash and how it’s like to just always be there. To me, I lived the best life with her-always had the best Christmas, best birthday-I considered all days with her my best days. I always believed I had a normal life besides having a single mom. She would even take me to church and always made sure I was involved in something. Hey, she was the reason I knew of Jesus Christ! See, this love we had was as if our souls were attached to each other. I could never let go of her. No matter where I went in this world, I found myself with her every single time.

Until one day, things took a turn.

I found myself praying to God for a different life. The next day my friend from church came over-just to hang out. We started talking about life and the past and the next thing I knew, she was ministering to me! She began to share the things God was revealing to her. As she was saying these things, my body started to shake, my heart started to race and my stomach started turning. I found myself being set free, in my own home, from sexual bondage and even free to forgive my parents and a past significant other. When I got up from the floor, I felt like I had fought a monster. My friend began to explain the process of liberation, and the toll it takes on your body. She went on to say I needed to rest my body because my soul was fighting a spiritual battle.

The next day we were having a concert at church. The singers were Jon Montalban and his wife Michelle. That whole day I could feel my soul was jumping such a spirit of expectancy. I remember telling my older sister, “Something big will happen tonight!” As soon as I walked through the doors, I felt the Spirit of God fall upon me. I had such a desire more than ever to worship, pray, jump-just to fully give myself to Him. I found myself in front of the altar, knees hitting the ground, arms open wide and eyes closed. I remember seeing a white light and this angel approaching, and my soul leaving my body. I started to cry. Screaming and throwing up, I was wondering and asking God what was going on. “Why can’t I control what I’m saying? Why can’t I control my body?” Apparently the spirit in me kept saying, “I am Ana Dones!” Then, I blacked out and woke up to people saying, “Thank you Jesus! We worship you my God!”

These two women helped me up, took me to a seat and gave me water. Michelle later approached me and asked if she could speak with me and of course I agreed. She asked “Who is Ana Dones”?

I replied, “My grandmother”. She was shocked.

“Your grandmother? Celine, I have to tell you something. Your grandmother is part of a cult. She is a high priestess and tried to sacrifice you as a baby. She put hexes on you and has done so much witchcraft over your life. Tonight, you threw up the blood that she gave to you as a baby, but God placed a sac in your stomach to separate the blood so you would never be contaminated. The reason I said ‘tried’ is because tonight God has set you and your generations free from all curses and generational bondage! This curse has went on even before your grandmother was born. Even her mother practiced in the occult. Please stay away from this lady. You have a huge calling over your life! One day you will be somewhere preaching and she will be there. God tells me she will apologize to you and confess this all to you, so prepare your heart.”

When I got home I could not believe what had happened. I cried for weeks asking, “God, why?! How could she deceive me my whole life?” I was crushed. This woman hurt me so bad and I truly loved her. God kept telling me “Celine, forgive her. Your reward is so much bigger. The calling I have for you is so much greater!” He reminded me of Joseph who was betrayed by his brothers and all the things he experienced; all the pain, all the questions and even all the hate he had at one point for them. Then, he reminded me of how he forgave his brothers and how he fed them. It takes forgiveness for you to get to your place of peace! For weeks I prayed and experienced things I never knew someone could. God started to open my spiritual eyes and gave me the gift of seeing.

See, your testimony has a lot to do with your gifts and calling. I can stand here firm today and say I have forgiven her, although I have not yet been able to encounter her again, and even for that I believe in the faithfulness of God because I truly experienced what it is to be set free! No one knew my testimony. No one knew what happen that night of my deliverance. So many judged me and so many never wanted to approach me. But I still stood firm, knowing that what my God did in my life was a miracle. I believe and know with all my heart that I am a miracle and that life could have been completely different! He chose me! He picked me! Out of all my generations, He found me worthy enough-through Christ-to break the chains. You see, my sister, you are the chosen one. You are called for a time like this! You will break the chains! You will be the difference! Out of millions, He chose you! Walk with your head high, knowing our God is for you.

1 Peter 2:9, “But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God's own possession, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

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