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I Am Not Ashamed!

Due to me being born physically different, I've seen people come and go. I've been around those who claimed to love me and yet when others were around, they could become ashamed of me. I've also been around those who really did stick by my side through it all. With that being said, I can truly understand what God said in Luke 9:26 that if we are ashamed of Him (Jesus) than He will be ashamed of us. Yet, even though I was raised in a Christian home and knew what the Bible concerning this, I was still ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

As a pastor's daughter, the pressure of being the "perfect child" was always present. No parties, no dating, no secular music etc. Other kids use to tease me all the time saying, "you're a pastor's daughter you can't do that"! Their smart remarks began to get to me and that's when I decided that if I couldn't beat them, I would join them. Except every time I would hang around with a group of friends and tried to do something I knew I wasn't supposed to do, I would get caught and they wouldn't! I couldn't understand it. I just couldn't win.

One early morning, I overheard my mother praying for my brother and I concerning our walk with God. I remember her praying, "Lord I pray for protection over my children. Lord, if they should put themselves in harms way that you will cease it". My eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. “It was my mother's fault”! I thought. This Jesus was giving her discernment on my whereabouts and insight on everything I was doing! I literally couldn't get away with anything. Not realizing just how real He was, I still attempted to keep knocking on hell's door for trouble. Well one day that door was opened and I found myself pregnant at the age of 19. Long story short, being a mother made me realize the decisions that I use to make had to change. I had another life to think about.

All the prayers, the services, and the total devotion that both my mother and father have towards the Heavenly Father convinced me that maybe just maybe if this Jesus can work for them maybe He can work for me. I've seen my parents do so much ministry. I have also seen them go to normal family BBQ's and be teased for not having a beer. Yet their Faith was not shaken by the words of someone who didn't know their story of how Jesus saved them! They took every opportunity to be a witness that God makes all things new and that if He did it for them He could surely do it anyone else! Their prayers and lifestyle have played a big part in my relationship with Jesus today! I too will NOT BE ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST! He changed me!

My prayer is that you would not be shaken! If you have a family member, friend or even an enemy that you would like to be saved, the best solution is to remain strong in your Faith! We are the representation of Jesus to the unsaved. So love with an unconditional love and forgive as you would want to be forgiven. Pray like your life depends on it, praise because you're free and never be ashamed of the only one that has proven to show you what true love looks like! Who wouldn't want to share that? Believe me, people are watching you. Hold on tight to Luke 1:37 "For nothing will be impossible with God”; and you will see His mighty hand move in Jesus name!

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