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When asked to share my testimony, I was going to give you the run down lol. Instead, God is having me go in another direction. Too many of us live as victims for far too long. I want to share my victory's! What it means to forgive! What it means to love again! A couple weeks ago sitting in church, my granddaughter asked me to take her to the bathroom. We got up from where we were sitting and proceeded to the ladies room. Ahead of me, I see the very man who initiated the slope of abuse that followed me up into my adulthood. I greeted him and kept it moving!!!

Before I could get out the door the Holy Spirit gave me a bit of instruction. He said. “Go back and tell him three words.” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I knew what He was going to have me do. “I FORGIVE YOU!!!”

It’s crazy because a couple weeks prior to this request from Abba, I read that unforgiveness gives satan an ADVANTAGE over you. But FORGIVENESS gets us off the hook. You know, that hook that keeps us captured in the emotional, mental, physical and yes... spiritual trauma!!! We think we are living, but the reality is, we are limited in life!!!

After sucking my teeth, I made a u-turn, looked him square in the eyes and told him, "you may not understand what I’m about to say, but the Lord told me to say something to you." He said, “OK.” With all of God's strength in me I said, 'I FORGIVE YOU!” and proceeded to take my grandbaby to the potty.

At first nothing happened. Then, we sat down and the worship team began to sing, I just remember the lyrics "God takes you to a place and nothing else matters," I’ve heard the song a million times, why it affected me that day, I know! Abba filled me with His Spirit. I felt such a refreshing feeling, a freedom that day took over, and my worship was acceptable in God's sight.

Forgiveness lets you off the hook. But when there is unforgiveness you act out and may not even know it! Unforgiveness gives the enemy the advantage to influence your mind (thoughts), your emotions (the way you feel), your body (the way you act), and spiritually dulls or even violates your relationship with God. I’ve done some pretty horrible things in my life and would not want God to hold anything against me (hence the BLOOD of Jesus).

Ladies, we are no longer victims we are victors. If you have been on "the hook " it’s time to inform the devil, “I will no longer allow you to have an advantage over me! I choose to forgive.” Now, get your breakthrough!

2 Corinthians 2:10-11

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