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God Hears and Heals

Hi, my name is Enid. I would like to share my testimony about my father who had a stroke 13 years ago. First of all, My father is the type of man who was raised in the church. He has been through so much throughout the years and was beginning to lose faith which is understandable because he felt like God left him alone after his stroke.

My father was a man who did everything, worked hard and helped many people. In fact, he is a very wise man and is always aware of his surroundings. During his stroke, he fell into a depression so deep that he refused to go outside and reconnect with the world.

Although, we all prayed for him day in and day out for a healing, it took much time. It took 13 years for my father to gain his hope again and to become motivated to be the man we all knew him to be. My father does still feels numb on his left side, but just recently before Christmas 2018 he decided to speak more positive into existence. He also shared that he desires to drive again after all these years.

My family was so excited to hear this from him being that he hasn't really had the desire to even leave home. Now we all can thank the Lord for saving my father and letting him have a chance to live his life again at 70.

The Bible verse which helps us is Matthew 8.7 And Jesus saith unto him, I will come and heal him.

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