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You can either be safe and stagnant or get risky and running.

I'm not saying be risky as in dangerous, reckless, or making decisions based on emotions that could potentially harm you or someone else.

I have had many many moments that I wanted to do something to challenge me or even as simple as a "bucket list" check off. But the thought of failure, risking everything I had, or even opinions of others would make me crawl back into my shell.

Crawling back into my shell made me realize I was being safe with not having to see, hear or imagine what could be the outcome of moving forward with that idea. And in all actuality, it also made me stagnant.

Stagnation is when you're dull, not moving, or sluggish. The thought of THAT makes me never want to "play it safe" again because we are all here to fulfill God's plan and the purpose that He has for our lives.

The opposite word for stagnation is running and the beginning of 2021 our Pastor said, "we better RUN." This year has taught me to stop playing it safe, to stop trying to please others, and move when God tells me to move even when others don't understand. Get risky with your prayers, get risky with your plans, get risky with knowing God has it all in His hands.

When we keep God at the center of our lives and He is fully involved in everything we do even if we don't fully understand it, God will always have His way. He doesn't give us the entire plan in detail up front because if He did, it will scare us. Trust in His plan, trust in His timing! What He has is bigger than our little small-minded plans! Stop playing it safe my sister. Be risky and start running!!!!

I read this and thought it was powerful:

What is the difference between a living thing and a dead thing? In the medical world, a clinical definition of death is a body that does not change. Change is life. Stagnation is death. If you don't change, you die. It's that simple. It's that scary. ~Leonard Sweet

Luke 9:62, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” To be fit for the Kingdom, we must stand behind our decision. If we start out right but turn back, we end up wrong.

Don't look back!

Don't play it safe!

Don't stay stuck!

Run forward!

Get risky!

Get unstuck!

There's so much more potential in you! Walk into all God has for you on purpose!

~Josie Thomas

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