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She Prayed Ministries is composed of women who are passionate about serving Jesus and reaching other women. Our ministry comprises several teams such as Dance, Missions, Prayer, Bible Study, Social Media, Writing, Editing, and a few more teams behind the scenes that assist us in evangelizing to others. You'll find our staff to be encouraging, uplifting, dedicated to the tasks at hand, and able to operate well as a whole to accomplish the mission set before them.

If you are interested in becoming a She Prayed Member and would love to join our team, we invite you to fill out our application below.


Once we have reviewed your application you’ll be invited to join our orientation. This is where you will learn everything about the ministry and how you can become a part of our team

Ministry Application
Thank you for your interest in joining ShePrayed Ministries! We are so glad that you are taking the opportunity to want to become a part of our non-profit organization. Our mission is to inspire, heal and empower women all over the world. Our vision statement is to bring inspiration and healing to all women through the power of the gospel.

Instructions: Please fill out all corresponding fields then once you submit your application, It will be reviewed by our leadership team and you will be contacted by our administrative assistant on the next steps.

Volunteer Agreement

If you join She Prayed Ministries, you agree that you can provide at least 8 hours a month in attendance at team and leadership meetings, and that you will be an example and trustworthy representative of the ministry.

Core Values Agreement

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