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Dear God,

Thank you so much for Your unfailing love. I’m happy You didn’t give up on me. I know that You work all things together for my good, and You make no mistakes. Thank You for being so intentional when You formed me together in my mother’s womb. God, I am so grateful You chose me to be a mother. Would You please give me the wisdom to steward my children correctly? Father, guide and order my steps according to Your will. For Your ways are more significant than mine. Lord, I surrender everything to You. I pray that You mold me until the mother You want me to be. Give me knowledge and understanding on how to be the mother my children need me to be. Father, I pray that you give me strength when I am weak and give me patience every day. Would you please cover and protect my children? Please send your best angels to camp all around them. Dear God, teach me how to raise my children the way they should go so that when they get older, they will not depart from You. I thank You in advance for the calling and anointing over their lives. God, stir up their gifts and talents at a young age. Lord, teach me to love them the way You love us. Please help me to be slow to speak and quick to listen to my children. For all of these things, I ask in your name, Amen.

Love your daughter,


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1 Kommentar

Aurea Lebron
Aurea Lebron
11. Okt. 2021

That's beautiful ..Amen!!

Gefällt mir
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