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Is Your Cup Empty or Full?

Have you ever given and not gotten back?! No, I'm not talking about gifts or materialistic things. I'm talking about giving your time, friendship, devotion, advice and so much more. Sometimes we may feel as if we are being pulled on and poured out until it leaves us feeling empty. We could potentially feel a void or feelings of loneliness in those moments.

Often times, we feel that no matter how much we give to others we may never get it back. We do so much for others, to make sure the needs are taken care of, the wants and desires have been fulfilled, but what about us? We could so easily get so wrapped up in feeling like, "Well maybe I shouldn't have given my time if they aren't going to give it back." Or, "Next time I'm going to say no, because when I need something no one is ever there." It makes you want to put a wall up and shut those people out. Because what you put out, you expect to get back. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one feeling this way.

Thankfully, we have a God that is always present when we need Him. He is always readily available for us in our time of need. We can always depend on our God to fill our void, no matter how many times we need Him to fill it. He is never too busy for us. Many times, it's hard to even think of it that way because we may need a physical person right by our side to be there and that may be true at times. But God is so faithful that He sends those to us to assist us in the moments right when we need them.

Let's start leaning in more towards God and watch how He will provide for us more than we have ever expected. Yes, that could even mean by sending the people we need. Let's begin to be the cup that fills others in their time of need. Let's pour into others, but also make sure we are being poured into as well so that none of our cups will ever run dry.

Isaiah 43:2, where even when you “pass through the waters”, you will not be alone.

Josilyne Thomas

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