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Worrier or Warrior?

Sisters, are you a Worrier or a Warrior?

Have you ever felt like you worried a little bit too much? Maybe your finances are not what you hoped they would be in this season of your life. Perhaps your children are acting wayward. It may be possible that the people you thought would be there, are no longer to be heard of. Maybe even you're struggling in your marriage, or facing work-related issues, or even struggling with being single.

I'm sure we all are facing, have faced, or will eventually face one of these circumstances in our lifetime. Jesus told His disciples, "there is nothing to gain in life by being worried or anxious."

In Luke 12:25-31 the Lord asks us if worrying adds any hours to our lives. He says, since we cannot do this why do we worry about the rest. He continues to say, if The Lord takes care of the grass which is here today, but can he burned tomorrow, why would He not take care of us which are His children. He tells us we have little faith if we are worried about the "next" whatever that may be in your life In this season. The Lord commands us not to worry about what we will eat or drink. He already has that figured out for us. He commands us to seek His kingdom and everything will be provided for us.

Many times we hate waiting and we despise the waiting process... could it be that in the waiting He is actually processing us? Could it be that He is breaking something in us? Could it be that He is molding, shaping, and forming us? Could it be that He is trying our patience? Could it be that He is preparing things for when He blesses us? You wouldn't want to get there before God to find that what you have been waiting for all along is not fully developed and you end up messing it up or suffering in that, would you?

We are to wait on The Lord, for His timing is the best timing! Stop trying to get too far ahead of God because of your own insecurities and start trusting The One who knows the end from the beginning, the One who created you and me, the One who turns water into wine, the One who parted the red seas, the One who healed the blind, deaf and the lame, the One who goes before us. TRUST IN JESUS! Not soem of the time, not when things feel good, not when you see a little breakthrough. Trust Him through it ALL and stop worrying because all it does is rob you from your day.

Personally, I am naturally a worrier, and I tend to worry about things that I think are going to happen or not happen. Then when the outcome occurs, and it isn't what I thought or worried it would be, I feel foolish. I feel foolish because, I spent hours, days, time crying, worrying, pondering what-ifs and I realize then, how much time was spent on something that didn't even happen how I thought it would. Please tell me that I am not alone sisters.

I want to encourage you all, put your hope and trust in Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 says, Be anxious for NOTHING, you got that?? NOTHING, but by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to Him. And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard our heart and mind in Christ Jesus. He is the Peace Provider! Rest in Him my sisters and trust Him in everything, for everything! He wants us to be WARRIORS!!!!

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1 Comment

Denise Martinez
Denise Martinez
Apr 25, 2022

Thank you for sharing! I needed this… I can relate to the Worrier vs Warrior mentality. For me it’s a work in progress. I am learning to bring any worry before the Lord in prayer and leave it there, that God is in control, that this too shall pass and that I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me! I am a Warrior! I will take every thought captive to obey Christ ! (2 Corinthians 10:5)

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