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Keep Marching!

Dear Single Mom, 

My daughter has been asking for her father a lot lately. When I discipline her, she cries out for him. I know little girls have a tendency to do that. However, it's been hitting me hard lately. I have been getting angry and feeling sad that I put my baby into a situation where she is longing for someone who has been absent for a while now. I have allowed my feelings to get the best of me. 

I began to text her father and tell him how he is a terrible father and how I wish I never met him, blah blah! I was angry, hurt, and sad. Just when I was about to hit send, I was instantly convicted. The Holy Spirit said, "nope!" How dare you even think to send that to him. It was a battle not submitting to my flesh. I was reminded of grace and mercy. Even though I didn't want to admit I was wrong, I was WRONG! Instead, I sent an encouraging message, reminding him of who he really is. I spoke positive words of affirmation. I know he was shocked. I prayed for his salvation and that God would change him to be the father I know he can be. I would have been wasting my time and breath thinking that my words could change him in that way. 

I had to remember that I am a light and a child of God. That means, showing others love even when I don't think they deserve it. Just as God shows us grace and mercy every day. He loves us despite all our mistakes. We are to pray for one another and lift each other up and not tear one another down. Prayer works! I am a living testimony of how prayer works. My mom was praying for my salvation for years, now look at me! 

I was reminded of the story of Joshua, and how God told him to march around the walls for six days on the seventh day, march seven times and the walls would come down. I know, Joshua probably was annoyed and had some hesitation, but he still did what God had instructed him to do. From his obedience, he was granted the victory and was blessed beyond his expectation. Joshua 6:2-5

When my flesh wanted to give my daughter's father a piece of my mind, God wanted me to speak life into him and pray for him, so I was obedient. I trust God to do the rest. I will continue to do as God instructed me to, for I know what my God is able to do. I encourage you single mom, even when you don't feel like praying for that need, pray for it! Even if it takes longer than you want, give it to God and watch you get the victory! 

Signed with Obedience,

Jovonna Coleman

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