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New Year, New Healing

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Dear old me!

I never looked beyond the pain.

I never looked past the insecurities.

I never spoke life over you.

I never knew I wasn't walking in love.

I never knew I was lost.

I never knew I was numb.

I never knew I was angry.

I never knew I was loved.

I never knew I was worthy, and I never knew I was chosen!

Until I met my Heavenly Father.

Until I started to know who HE is.

Until I began to know who I am in HIM.

Until I knew HE called me HIS.

Until HE told me that I am loved.

Until HE breathed life into me, until HE said, I am chosen. Until HE said By HIS stripes, I am healed, and until HE said I am fearfully & wonderfully made in HIS complete image!

Sis, God never intended for you to feel bad about yourself. He wants you to know yourself and accept yourself. You must be able to say, "I can love what God can love. I may not love everything I'm going through, but I accept myself because God accepts me." God is changing you daily. Ask Him to help you accept and love yourself despite your imperfections.


HIS child♡

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